Anrán Farm - Kate & Liam Wedding

Earthy, Chic & Natural Styling.

The wedding of Kate and Liam at Anran Farm. Warm earthy tones with glamorous chandeliers hanging form the ceiling, there was lots of chic modern style for this wedding.

We started the day with drone flights to capture the wedding venue from the sky, this gives an unparalleled look at your wedding venue, as well as creating a beautiful establishing shot for the beginning of your film. Anran in situated in the rolling hills of Devon and surrounded by lush countryside.

Following filming with the drone we met up with Kate in Anran Manor where wedding prep was fully underway. We captured Kate, her family and friends getting ready and putting on the amazing dress. All captured in slow motion to focus on emotion and the feeling in the room.

The ceremony was set up in the hut, the rustic chic style was visually brilliant and really lent itself to wedding videography, the lights in the blurred background looked magical. We filmed the ceremony with both of our 4k cameras, one at the back of the room to capture the room and ceremony from the back, and the main camera of the gimble to capture the ceremony from the front. The ceremony is one of the most sentimental parts of the day and its super important to captured well.

Confetti exit. Personally, this is my favourite part of the wedding film, put the camera in x4 slow motion, whip out the wide lens, and get ready for a cascade of confetti. Different weddings use different confetti, some more ecological than others so make sure you choose the right one for you!

Group shots and canapés, now the ceremony is complete, get ready for the big group shots, everyone from family and friends will be involved and its no understatement to say that this requires organisation and patience to make sure everyone is captured and looking amazing! Thankfully the amazing photographer Paige Grace took the lead on the group shots ( as a wedding photography typically would, due to the checklist of people that they have to make sure they photograph for the albums, they have a greater responsibility during this time, well work together and ill capture the film during / swiftly after she has taken her images ).

Kate and Liam wanted a meat free menu, their food choice reflected their ethical values. They chose an Indian paneer curry with vibrant rice, potatoes and flatbreads. The taste, smell and experience of eating this was incurable, we certainly enjoyed our portion of the food!

The first dance. The sun was setting perfectly through the glass house windows, the warm glow of summer sun filled the room and as the band was ready, the music started playing. Kate and Liam took to the floor and I put the camera in slow-motion, out on the 85mm lens and proceeded to capture this magical moment. This is truly one of my favourite bits of film I have had the privilege to capture so far, the emotion in the room and the true feeling of love was abundant throughout.

If this wedding doesn’t make you want to get married at Anran Farm in the summer, then I'm not sure what will, for me and many of the guest they’re that day, its set in my heart that I want my day to be magical like this one. Wedding films are something im very passionate about, filming people of they’re happiest days and being able to create a piece of film from it, feels amazing, its good for the soul.

We look forward to more wedding videography this year, with more weddings at Anran throughout.

Hugh Murthwaite.

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